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    Intricate embellishments and ornate finishes will add an exotic touch to your interior and transport your home to a different continent. This stunning collection by Marrakech is reminiscent of the artisanal treasures you’re likely to find exploring the labyrinth-like streets on a sun-dappled day in Morocco. Featuring lanterns, candle holders, side tables and more, each piece is beautifully crafted from raw or punched metals, antique silver and glistening glass. Hammered designs showcase authenticity, while jewel-tone stones inject a little vibrancy to each molten metallic offering. For a sparkling coffee table display, try filling the Mohan Mirror Tray with decorative hurricane bottles, or hang the Anish Hurricane Lantern for a mesmerising glow.

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    Originally published at, August 2012

    — 2 years ago
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